Black Fret & NVCS present NAKED GIANTS
Nectar Lounge

Black Fret & NVCS present NAKED GIANTS

Nectar Virtual Concert Series #66 featuring NAKED GIANTS!

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9.16 Wednesday (Rock)

Black Fret & Nectar Virtual Concert Series present: NAKED GIANTS

Proceeds benefit Nurturing Roots Farm

8:00pm PT


Streaming live via

Nectar Lounge

412 N 36th St


Seattle’s Naked Giants burst onto the national music scene with their 2018 full-length debut, SLUFF, a candied and insanely catchy blast of unhinged pop-punk-grunge-surf-rock. But if that record was the sound of, as one reviewer labeled them, a trio of “affable miscreants just out of high school” getting their musical rocks off, then The Shadow, the band’s new and second studio effort, is in comparison a decidedly more—what’s the word?—mature offering.

That is, if “mature” is the appropriate term for an album where one member is credited with playing a fun machine, and another merely with “charisma.”

And so, welcome once again to the extraordinary and eccentric world of Naked Giants. They might be older (average age: 23) and wiser, but the band members—singer and guitarist Grant Mullen, singer and bassist Gianni Aiello and drummer Henry LaVallee—are still out to conjure a rip-roaring good time.